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Backstage Video!!

There's a Backstage Video of the guys from Moon TV online.
It's about Uniklubi's trip from Tampere to Helsinki and how they spend the time before the gig in the backstage area.
You can find it HERE .
Unfortunately we can't offer you a translation yet, but we try our best!
Anyway... it's also quite amusing without being able to understand!


Have Fun! =)

29.3.10 13:53


New Merch!

Hei Dreamers!!

Two brandnew Uniklubi shirts are now available!
Check out www.backstagerockshop.com for more information.

Keep Dreaming!

17.3.10 14:48

Uniklubi back in the studio!

Good news for all fans!!
Uniklubi are going to start the recordings for their 5th and still untitled album at Petrax Studio Hollola in the beginning of April!!

The album is produced by Jyrki Tuovinen, who already worked with bands like Apulanta and Lordi.

Releasing date will be somewhen in autumn 2010.

Additionally in summer 2010 Uniklubi will play some shows with the Romantiikan Rippeet orchestra, which comprises of a piano player, two violins, a viola and a cello.


Stay tuned and keept dreaming!!

13.3.10 14:18

New Pics!!!

Hei Dreamers!!!
We have new live pictures from Uniklubi's gigs on M/S Isabella on 27th and 28th of February.

Watch and enjoy!

3.3.10 12:44

New Banners & Update

Hei Dreamers!!!

We made new banners fitting to the new layout of our homepage!!
The can be found in the "Banners" section!

Additionally we got a new site "Pictures" where we present our own pictures of the band taken at concerts.
Copyright of those pictures is ours.


-Because Dreams Never Die-


11.2.10 22:22

Jussi's Song with Kärsky & Updates

Jussi recorded a song with Kärtsy (sideproject of WALTARI's singer).
The song is called "Running Away" and you can listen to it on
Kärtsy's MySpace.

We have also some new things on our homepage.

  • a NEWS section, where you can look up the latest news again all in one...
  • a MERCH section for our Streetteam, where you can find the images to print your very own German Uniklubi Streetteam T-SHIRT!
  • a CDs & MERCH section for Uniklubi with a list of webstores where you can buy music and other stuff of the band



Keep dreaming!!

6.2.10 14:03

New Dreams!!

Hei Dreamers!!

It is finally DONE.
After some changes in our team and the rest of the streetteam, which after all happened quicker than expected, we are now back with our brandnew homepage!

As you can see it's a combination between homepage and blog, because to us this seemed to be a more simple and effective way to keep you always up to date with everything what happens concerning Uniklubi and our team!

You can also check out our new MySpace layout HERE .

is still a point on your to-do-list!!
You still have the chance to vote until February 10th!
Click here to vote! (Fields are for name, email and the reason you voted (optional).)

This was all so far, but stay tuned, there's way more about to come!!

Keep Dreaming!!

1.2.10 11:36

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