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New Dreams!!

Hei Dreamers!!

It is finally DONE.
After some changes in our team and the rest of the streetteam, which after all happened quicker than expected, we are now back with our brandnew homepage!

As you can see it's a combination between homepage and blog, because to us this seemed to be a more simple and effective way to keep you always up to date with everything what happens concerning Uniklubi and our team!

You can also check out our new MySpace layout HERE .

is still a point on your to-do-list!!
You still have the chance to vote until February 10th!
Click here to vote! (Fields are for name, email and the reason you voted (optional).)

This was all so far, but stay tuned, there's way more about to come!!

Keep Dreaming!!

1.2.10 11:36


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