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Uniklubi was founded – rock!

The first demo Sairaita unelmia is finished and the first gigs take place. The local newspaper Hämeenkyrön Sanomat writes an article about the band. The headline translates as “Lots of money and women”.

The second demo is finished and Uniklubi signs a recording contract with Lumbago Records.

Lumbago releases two singles: Kylmää and Olemme yhtä

The recordings of the first album start at Deerhouse Studio, Tampere.

The band becomes widely known by their summer hit Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa, which divides opinions. The debut album Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa is released on 21.5.2004 by Universal.

The album turns out to be a huge success and it sells platinum. The band is awarded at Emma-gaala as the Newcomer of 2004.

The second album, Kehä, is released. It continues the success story started by the debut album by selling platinum, too.

The singles Totuus, Näiden tähtien alla, Kaikki mitä mä annoin, Huomenna and Tuhka are released.

Lots of gigs

The single Kiertää kehää is released.

The third album, Luotisade, is released on 22.8.2007.

The singles Vnus, Varjoon juuttunut and Luotisade are released.

To celebrate the success of Uniklubi, Universal Music releases a compilation album Kaikki mitä mä annoin 2003-2008 in autumn 2008. The album contains the band’s biggest hits this far. Uniklubi’s life on tour is documented in Jarkko Tiitinen’s photobook Rakkaudesta hulluuteen, released in November.

Uniklubi is signed by Sony Music and releases their fourth studio album Syvään valoon on 4.3.2009.

The first single is called Polje. A music video is shot for the single.

(by Uniklubi MySpace)

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