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September 3rd
New tourdates have been announced!!

August 13th
Aikasi On Nyt video can be watched on YouTube (FIN only) or Uniklubi's MySpace !

The cover for the 5th album "Kultakalat" has also been published!

August 7th
The video for Uniklubi's new single "Aikasi On Nyt" will be shown on The Voice on Monday, August 9th at 7.10 am (finnish time).
At 9.00 am, Jussi and Teemu will be in the studio and at 9.10 am the video is played another time.

May 30th
Uniklubi's new single "Aikasi on nyt" (Your time is now) will be played on YleX tomorrow at 9.15 (finnish time).

The 5th studioalbum "Kultakalat" (Goldfishes) will be released on September 22nd 2010.

March 29th
There's a Backstage Video of the guys from Moon TV online.
It's about Uniklubi's trip from Tampere to Helsinki and how they spend the time before the gig in the backstage area.
You can find it HERE .

March 17th
Two new Uniklubi shirts are now available on
www.backstagerockshop.com .

March 13th

Uniklubi are going to start the recordings for their 5th and still untitled album at Petrax Studio Hollola in the beginning of April!!
Releasing date will be somewhen in autumn 2010.

Additionally in summer 2010 Uniklubi will play some shows with the Romantiikan Rippeet orchestra, which comprises of a piano player, two violins, a viola and a cello.


February 6th
Jussi recorded a song with Kärtsy (sideproject of WALTARI's singer).

The song is called "Running Away" and you can listen to it on
Kärtsy's MySpace.

February 1st
Uniklubi at Femma-Gaala.
Until February 10th you have the chance to vote for Uniklubi in Femma-Gaala.
Click HERE to vote. (Fields are for name, email and the reason you voted [optional].)

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